“New film promoting Folly Farm goes viral”


Made for us by the marvellous Polly and Robin from Mother Goose Films, it tells a beautiful story of a family, who whilst holidaying in Pembrokeshire, discover a board game at the beach that transports them into the world of Folly Farm.

The video was created to tie in with the launch of our new website. The idea behind the video and our new “Pick your own adventure” campaign is to let visitors to our new website know how much there is to do on a day out at Folly Farm.

The problem with Folly Farm, if you can call it a problem, is that there’s just so many different things to do here. It’s challenging to get that message across. And our name doesn’t help. The farm is still at the heart of our attraction and it’s where we came from but now we’re much more than a farm. We wanted to get across that we’re also a zoo, a vintage fairground and have a whole host of adventure play. By focusing on the different types of adventure you can have here we hope we can show what a full and varied day it is. We really do have something for everyone.

We’re so pleased with the results, I felt quite emotional the first time I saw it. Polly and Robin perfectly understood our challenge and the Folly Farm ethos. They’ve created a genuine, emotive story which captures the importance of family time.

We had great fun during the making of the video. Many of the shots are in a point-of-view style using a Go Pro camera fixed to a back pack. This really makes you feel part of the action. Louis and Mia, the children in the story, were absolute superstars. So polite and professional, despite long days.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Louis and Mia, Robin and Polly at Mother Goose Films and to Quality Cottages for the loan of the holiday cottage.

“The two minute film was viewed by nearly 15,000 people organically on it’s first day”

“Watch Our Beautiful New Fairground Video”

Now we’ve brought our fairground to life for you in this beautiful video made for us by Mother Goose Films.

It tells the story of a little girl who finds a wooden carousel toy in an attic and as she spins it, she’s transported to our fairground, where she makes magical memories on our grand collection of vintage rides with her family and friends.

“The video is a taster of our vintage fairground and through it’s beautiful storytelling it evokes a sense of wonder amongst children and a nod to the nostalgia of memories created amongst parents and grandparents from visiting fairgrounds in their youth. Above all it shows the sheer enjoyment our rides bring. The fairground is one of the most unexpected things at Folly Farm. It’s unique to find a vast collection of rides like this at a farm park or a zoo but the variety of our offering is part of what makes a day at Folly Farm so appealing. It’s difficult to get across the scale of our fairground because it’s indoor and spread across such a vast area. We hope through this video we’ve shown that’s its great day out in itself.” – Zoë Wright, head of marketing

Huge thanks must go to Polly and Robin at Mother Goose Films for their professionalism, their patience filming the fairground on a busy August day and most all for their beautiful storytelling. We were blessed with a fantastic bunch of people (Polly and Robin’s family) who allowed us to film them. Too many to mention but we must single out Enya, the star of our video, who was incredibly polite and patient throughout the whole process. Thank you Enya.

Read the full article here: https://www.folly-farm.co.uk/news/2016/11/fairground-video