Polly Vinken-Köther
Managing Director

Polly is a Visual Anthropologist. She leads the way in connecting with people and their brand. By spending time getting to know the identity of her subject, Polly produces film that remains true to it. She brings narratives to life and transforms concepts into meaningful films that speaks to all types of audiences.

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Ben Walton
Freelance Camera & Drone Operator

Ben Walton is one of the most exciting new filmmakers to come out of Wales in recent years, Ben’s enthusiasm for travel has driven his pursuit for diverse subjects, locations and experiences across the spectrum with a range of high-end clients from Sri Lankan Airlines to Visit New Zealand. When it comes to cameras, what Ben doesn’t know – isn’t worth knowing, Ben is also the newest edition to the Mother Goose Films air fleet having recently gained his CAA aerial license.

Robin Köther
Creative Director

Robin is an extreme sports enthusiast with a background in TV documentary for Extreme Sports Channel and tourism promotion for Visit Wales. His appreciation of the power of the ocean, surfing and all things adrenalin focused has a direct impact on his approach to filmmaking, making his productions as dynamic and adventurous as his subjects. Robin is the Mother Goose CAA licenced pilot for aerial filming. His ability to execute creative shots whilst keeping up with fast paced subject matter (mostly juvenile dolphins) makes him top man for the job.

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Scott Chalmers
Director & Camera Operator

Scott has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious sports personalities, Mike Tyson, Usain Bolt and Jonah Lomu to name a few. Scott’s true passion lies in TV & the extreme sports sector, shooting some of the worlds biggest surf competitions including the Quiksilver Pro France, BBC1’s Eat Well For Less, BT Sport’s ‘Clare Balding Show’ and Channel 4 obs-doc Posh Pawn.

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Callum Whiteley
Freelance DOP & Ronin Operator

Callum is a media all-rounder, with skills in After Effects, Camera, Editing & Animation he has the unique ability to combine these skills in his work to create some of the most magical scenes imaginable. Callum’s trademark glide-like style and transitional techniques make his films truly stand apart from the crowd.

Lizzie Goldsack
Intern & Camera Assist

Lizzie is the latest edition to the Mother Goose team, with a passion for documentary filmmaking her energy and approach is nothing short of refreshing. Lizzie’s recent shorts focus on a vignette into a Ladakhi woman’s life and a documentary about open water swimmers in Dorset. People and their stories are at the heart of what drives Lizzie’s storytelling and hunger to create strong narratives.